Panther Sound 2.1 Sandberg
Panther Sound 2.1
32.99 €

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Prekės Nr.: 125-14
EAN: 5705730125140

The Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 is a smart amplified speaker set comprising a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The subwoofer gives a strong bass, while the satellite speakers produce pure treble. The result is a great sound experience whether you are playing a game, watching a film or listening to music. The set includes a cabled remote control allowing you to easily adjust the volume. The set uses a normal headphone connector, so it also works with devices other than your computer, such as MP3 players and TVs.

Komputer for Alle in Denmark has reviewed the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (September 2008). They said:

»...has a solid feel and fairly good weight... the subwoofer produces some good solid thumps...« in UK has tested the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (April 24th, 2008). The review mentioned:

»... Setting up the Panther Sound speaker system was reasonably is more than adequate for playing back MP3 tracks, watching a DVD on your computer or playing a game...«

Computing Made Easy in UK has tested the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (April 2008). They awarded it 4 out of 5 smilies. The review mentioned:

»...a very attractive are getting value for money...Setting it up is simple and users wil have it all up and running in a minute or two...«

"Magasinet Digitalt" has mentioned the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (5 May 2008). They said:

»...sets a new standard for how much sound you can get for your money...its elegant design, impressive sound, user-friendliness, compact size and attractive price make it more than the sum of its parts...powerful bass...small and handy remote control...the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 is all you need for a great sound experience...«



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