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Sandberg 630-86

Hayley Smith, whose job involves professional layout work with advertisements for printing, remembers the day a dead mouse lost her an important customer: "The deadline was only 10 minutes away. We're used to working that close to deadlines but right at the most critical point, my mouse died. It...

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If you want to connect two electronic devices to each other, the Sandberg Guide can help you find out what you need to use to get it to work. The guide contains detailed information on a huge number of products covering virtually all of the Sandberg range, and it can suggest how to connect two...

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We've put a lot of effort into localising www.sandberg.it so it now supports no less than 10 different languages and 21 countries. But are you seeing the correct page? By selecting the correct country you see the right prices on the page and you get information about relevant dealers....

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Sandberg 134-03 Sandberg 134-02

Sandberg FM Link is a huge success. With comments like "ideal solution", "incredibly easy", "recommended", "unbelievably simple" and "really good sound quality", the trade press have been united in their high praise of the Sandberg FM Link. Now its big brother has entered the fray with a display...

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Sandberg 133-44

The Sandberg USB to USB Transfer Link is an ingenious little gadget which makes it unbelievably easy to move files from one computer to another. Without a network setup of any kind and at tremendous speed. You can't always have a network setup wherever you are, e.g. when you're testing a...

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Sandberg 130-80 Sandberg 130-81 Sandberg 130-82

A new and really fast standard for wireless networks has arrived: Up to three times faster than normal cabled networks. The range is now up to 500 m in open terrain or a couple of hundred metres indoors. The technical name behind the standard is 802.11n – at Sandberg we call this N300. The...

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Sandberg 133-41

Yet again Sandberg has been showered with praise by the press. This time it's the Sandberg USB DigiTV which is being praised to the skies by both the Danish newspaper "Jyllands-Posten" and the Danish magazines "Komputer for Alle" and "Ingeniøren Version2". Insert the Sandberg USB DigiTV...

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Sandberg 133-41

Insert a tiny adapter into your computer's USB port to start watching digital TV in crystal-clear quality on your computer right away. You also get the option to combine your TV viewing with a number of computer functions that you would otherwise only get with a media centre computer. Examples...

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Sandberg 133-41 Sandberg 134-01 Sandberg 504-60 Sandberg 504-65 Sandberg 507-31 Sandberg 505-78

Whether it's digital TV, analogue TV, aerial cables, HDMI cables for digital transfer or SCART cables with minimal signal loss, Sandberg has the products for you. Remember that when you buy a Sandberg product, you know you are getting high quality, a five-year warranty and user guides in plain...

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Sandberg 133-38

The Sandberg Bluetooth adapter supports Bluetooth 2.0 ® , with high transfer speeds and low power consumption. With this adapter in your computer you can communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, printers and headsets. Unlike an infrared link, the devices...

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