Safe USB-C power supply units

Consumers need to be able to charge their mobiles, tablets and laptop computers safely. This need is firmly in focus at Sandberg, which has just launched two new USB-C chargers to help with exactly that.

Sandberg’s Managing Director, Martin Hollerup, who is also a qualified electronics technician, tells us the following:“It’s not so difficult to create a power supply unit that meets all regulations and is safe to use. Doing so makes it slightly more expensive than those made by competitors and also less compact in many cases. It is safety that is the most important for us though. In other words, it is up to the consumer to decide whether to go for low price or high safety”.

The two new power supply units have in-built travel adapters with two interchangeable mains plugs, which means they can be used in many different countries. The difference between the two power supply models is the power wattage, which is either 65W or 90W.

The two new power supplies are on their way to stores and webshops.

Produto n.º: 135-72
53.99 €

Produto n.º: 135-75
67.99 €