Furniture with an ulterior motive

Press release:

Gamers of all ages spend many hours in front of the computer or the game console, often on horrible chairs or in otherwise terrible sitting postures.

While a lot of money is spent on games, RAM, hard drives, processors, graphics cards, flat screens, keyboards, mice and so on, much less is spent on a correct sitting posture.

Sandberg wants to change that with some new chairs targeted at gamers. They will raise the status of any gaming den with cool designs and racing seats. Nevertheless, the chairs have the same facilities and adjustment options as ergonomic office chairs. There are many adjustment options in the seat bottom and back, adjustable armrests as well as wheels and a gas cylinder for height adjustment. The top version, "Commander", even has matching lower back and neck pillows.

Sandberg has an ulterior motive with these chairs. Parents, girlfriends/boyfriends and others who may be concerned about the many hours spent by gamers in terrible postures in front of the screen, may have an easier time reaching an agreement with the gamers on a sensible and ergonomic chair if the style fits the gamer's environment.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg, says: "When you are focused on a game, you don't care that your lower back or shoulder hurts - you just continue playing. Many gamers are young people, and it would be such a shame if they sustain injuries to the musculoskeletal system at an early age, which affect them for the rest of their lives. We hope that these chairs will make it easier to introduce proper sitting postures, also in the gaming dens, so that at least the basic conditions are present for sitting comfortably and taking good care of themselves."

The seats are made with surfaces made out of fabric and composition leather and the chairs are covered by a 5-year warranty.

The chairs are currently being launched. Sandberg discloses that there may be a waiting period for delivery here in the beginning, so it is advised that you book well in advance, if, for example, it is a gift or the like. 

Produto n.º: 640-80
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