New USB hubs in cool aluminium design

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Sandberg has introduced a small range of USB hubs to the market, aimed at users who like to have something a bit above the ordinary.

In a market characterised by USB hubs which only compete on price, it's refreshing to see a couple of new hubs from Sandberg that focus more on functionality and design.

The two new hubs, with four and seven ports respectively, are part of Sandberg's AluGear design series. AluGear provides attractive and stylish design in aluminium profile cases. The quality is first class with a 5-year warranty and a free telephone hotline to boot.

Inside the hubs are fitted with separate overload protection for each port. The power supply is included in the price, so you can use equipment on full power without it affecting the computer.

A USB hub can split a single USB port from the computer into several new ports which can be used for e.g. your mouse, digital camera, keyboard, scanner, printer, webcam and much more besides. In other words, a USB hub is an essential part of the computer system and not something that it's worth trying to make a small saving on.

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