Waste of time, George

George put a new hard drive in his laptop. It was formatted from scratch with a fresh Windows installation. Fantastic!

But then came the problems ... because data had to be moved over from the old hard drive, which was now on the desktop.

Hence, George borrowed his son's computer, disassembled it, took out his son's hard drive, and put his own in. Now, both machines were turned on and George established a network between the two machines in order to transfer the data. When everything had been transferred, he uninstalled the network, replaced the hard drive in the borrowed computer and assembled it again.

... and discovered to his horror that he had forgotten two very important files! Start over again ...

If George had only known that for a very low price, he could have solved it all in minutes with a USB 3.0 to SATA Link from Sandberg - without messing with his son's computer.

With this product, you simply plug the internal hard drive directly into the USB connector. If the computer has USB 3.0, the transfers will even be lightning fast.

Produto n.º: 133-87
20.99 €