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Sandberg 133-75

The latest Bluetooth standard, Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) has been launched to make it possible to put Bluetooth in very small devices with very low power consumption. However, the BLE protocol is not backward compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier standards. Therefore,...

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Sandberg 520-24 Sandberg 520-25 Sandberg 520-23

"I've had it myself" says Sandberg's sales director Erling Hoff Petersen about excess strain on the forearms as a result of using a computer keyboard. "It was very painful. I wore metal braces on both hands for weeks to get relief. There are many who talk about mouse-related injuries, but now...

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Sandberg 403-99

While businesses, schools, institutions, care organisations, couriers and many others are in the process of introducing iPads in all sorts of contexts, Sandberg is following this trend with a cover that in many cases can save an iPad from being damaged if dropped. Sandberg AntiCrash Cover...

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Sandberg 440-38 Sandberg 440-39

When you first look at one of the new hubs from Sandberg, it looks like something impossible. It is received wisdom that you cannot just split a USB connector. But this seems to be just what Sandberg has done. And one of the split connectors that emerge from the device even connects directly to...

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Sandberg 440-61 Sandberg 440-62

Sandberg launches adapters that make it easier than ever to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV or a computer monitor. So you can see your pictures and movies on the big screen in the living room or on a VGA monitor. This opens up many possibilities: See your recordings in full...

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Sandberg 135-66

Sandberg set out to create a product that is able to take care of most charging needs while being elegant and not least environmentally friendly. And we did it! In comparison with traditional chargers on the market, the Sandberg Laptop AC Adapter excels in:...

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Sandberg 420-14

Sandberg is now launching a backup battery that has built-in solar cells. In essence, it is a similar product to the other  Sandberg Powerbar and Sandberg Powerbank  products: a powerful stand-alone reserve battery charging from a USB port on either a computer or 230V / car...

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Sandberg 403-78 Sandberg 440-12 Sandberg 400-32 Sandberg 403-97 Sandberg 402-91 Sandberg 402-92 Sandberg 402-10 Sandberg 420-03 Sandberg 403-95 Sandberg 403-96 Sandberg 440-13 Sandberg 402-52 Sandberg 402-65 Sandberg 404-01 Sandberg 404-02 Sandberg 470-05 Sandberg 404-20 Sandberg 404-22

Sandberg, traditionally known for quality accessories for the computer world, has gradually moved very far into the mobile market with a large range of useful accessories. This includes various forms of gadgets to place mobiles or tablets in. There are some with power, there are some very...

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Sandberg 402-49 Sandberg 403-29 Sandberg 402-90

Sandberg has three products on the market that for a very low price can reduce the risk of costly repairs for iPhones and iPads. They are strong and self-adhesive protective films which can be easily and quickly mounted on the front of the unit. The film not only shields against...

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Sandberg 700-00 Sandberg 700-01 Sandberg 700-02 Sandberg 700-03 Sandberg 700-04 Sandberg 700-05 Sandberg 700-06 Sandberg 700-07 Sandberg 700-08

Ordinary TV viewers will suddenly suffer from black screens or choppy images on their TV due to the major roll-out of the LTE mobile network. While you can rejoice in the amazing speeds on your phone or your iPad's internet connection, you will have to sit back on the couch with a lousy...

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