USB to USB Share Link Sandberg
USB to USB Share Link

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Товар №: 133-57
EAN: 5705730133572

Sandberg USB to USB Share Link is an essential tool when you are changing from an old computer to a new computer, or if you just need a simple solution for file and resource sharing between two computers. Apart from file sharing, the cable allows you to share an internet connection and synchronise data and e-mails in Microsoft Outlook. Setup is easy with the supplied GO! Suite program.

Instant file transfer solution.
Internet connection sharing.


»A convenient and timesaving product. Both thumbs up!«

Alt om Data tested Share Link and says:

»Absolutely clever equipment for transferring files or sharing internet and optical drives.«

Forbrug tested the Share Link og says:

»Easy peasy, fast and low priced. Actually it was pretty much quicker than a cabled network.«

Danish magazine Komputer for Alle tested Share Link and concluded:

»Using this cable is an overall pleasure. The program suite is helpfull, file sharing is flexible.«

Computer Takeaway (UK) has tested Share Link. They are enthusiastic about the ease of use, the comprised software suite and the speed. They conclude:

»If you need a simple synchronisation tool for two computers and don't want the hassle of setting up wireless or wired network settings then this is definitely recommended.«

Danish magazine Alt om Data says:

»Almost 5 times faster than standard cabled network. A really smart solution.«

Совместимо с:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


Продукт Упаковка
Высота 1,80 cm 19,80 cm
Ширина 6,90 cm 14,00 cm
Глубина 1,00 cm 4,20 cm
Вес 34 g 400 g

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Do I have to install the software provided on both the computers which are to be connected?

Yes, it is. The Go! Suite software will then start on both computers once the cable is connected.

Is the cable compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, you can cross connect Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, as needed.

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