Sandberg ahead of the field with biometric data protection

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Sandberg is now launching the Fingerprint Hard Disk Box. This device allows everyone to protect their data with their fingerprint. Just think of the scandals that could have been avoided if civil servants had used this solution rather than just relying on simple USB sticks.

Sandberg supplies the box without a hard disk. Once a SATA 2.5" hard disk has been fitted in the box you're ready to go.

You can then define specific areas of the hard disk that are to be bio-encrypted and other areas that are accessible by e.g. colleagues or family members.

For security purposes it is possible to set the system so that it recognises several fingerprints. This means that you can also use the middle finger on your left hand, for example, if your right index finger has got a plaster on it, without compromising the data in any way. Alternatively, the system could be set up so that an employee and his or her boss can both access the same data.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, explains: "We've decided to bring in biometric data protection now because there's a gap in the market and the technology is ripe for volume sales. We all have to remember so many passwords now that we end up using them for more than one thing or writing them down. You can always remember your fingerprint without having to write it down, and using it in more than one place isn't a problem because no-one else can recreate it."

He continues: "Several cases have come to light in which the sensitive personal data of millions of people have got into the wrong hands. With our new Fingerprint Hard Disk Box, it wouldn't matter if the box fell into the wrong hands, as only the right hands can use the data for anything."

adds Product Manager Anders Petersen: "Creating a security system that protects against data loss and data misuse at the same time is complex. Using a fingerprint is a simple solution to this complex challenge. And even if someone with light fingers separates the box from the hard disk, the data still cannot be accessed without access to the person with the correct fingerprint.

The Sandberg Fingerprint Hard Disk Box 2.5" will soon be on sale at most IT dealers. You can find further information and your nearest dealer at

Press contact: Anders Petersen, direct phone: +45 4822 2285, e-mail:

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