Sandberg solves HDMI problems

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HDMI is increasingly becoming the standard screen output for everything from DVD players and games consoles to laptops, media centres and DV cameras. This is a bit of a problem when most screens only have one or two inputs. This means you have to plug and unplug the connectors whenever you want to switch between devices. Sandberg has launched an elegant solution to this problem.

There's no question about the benefits of HDMI, which is an all-in-one replacement for many older standards. The HDMI connection contains both digital video and digital audio of a very high quality all in a single, handy connector. The only problem is that it's easy to acquire more HDMI devices than the flat screen has inputs.

The Sandberg HDMI Switch is an elegant gadget that solves this problem. Connect three devices to the switch, e.g. media centre, games console and DV camera. Then connect the box to the flat screen with a single cable. Now you can lean back on the sofa and switch between the three devices using the remote control.

This makes it easier to switch between the devices and you don't have to plug and unplug cables all the time.

The Sandberg HDMI Switch is already available in the launch shops but only in limited numbers.

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