Dobrodošli v tiskovnem središču družbe Sandberg. Gradivo, ki je na voljo, je sestavljeno iz sporočil za javnost, novic in fotografij. Po navadi so sporočila za javnost na voljo le v angleškem jeziku.

Tukaj boste našli zadnja sporočila za javnost družbe Sandberg. Tukaj boste našli tudi sporočila za javnost, ki sploh še niso izšla. Najnovejša so na vrhu seznama.

Sandberg 133-87

Sometimes the newest thing is not the most advanced solution with thousands of options. Actually, it's gone the exact opposite way with Sandberg's newest invention in the range of products enabling you to connect an internal hard drive through a USB connector. According to Sandberg...

Sandberg 520-28

Anyone who has experiencesd repetitive strain injury (RSI) knows how painful it is. Once the damage is done, it can be a lengthy ordeal to get rid of the pain again. Prevention is therefore important, and in this regard, having a correct working posture and support for your hand while working...

Sandberg 420-26

Many people have a backup battery for their mobile with them in their bag or pocket. The most common size of such a battery sold is 2600 mAh. Sandberg has recently placed a backup battery on the market, which in comparison is totally over-powered. It has namely 7 times as much capacity, i.e....

Sandberg 480-06

Sandberg has launched a new PowerBank on the market, where elegance and ease of use have been given higher priority than the price. That’s brave at a time when the market has a very strong focus on providing as much capacity as possible for your money.  The charging cables for the...

Sandberg 133-86

Unlike previous USB standards, the USB 3.0 standard does not include a definition of maximum length. On the other hand, it does include a requirement that the copper cables shall conform to the AWG 26 standard, which effectively limits the maximum length to 3 metres. That is not a lot when you...

Sandberg 480-05

And you might be thinking: "Ehhhhh .... really?". We know that a mobile charger seems like a very mundane item that you don’t give much attention. It just sits in the power socket and performs a function: provides power to your mobile, your camera, your iPad etc. Nevertheless, we are...

Sandberg 125-77 Sandberg 520-27

The gaming series Sandberg EsportsEquipment seems to be a resounding success. So now it will be expanded. The new members of the family are a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound, multi-coloured LEDs and a good condenser microphone, so users can shout at each other. In addition, there is an...

Sandberg 640-00

At first glance, it may look as if it is broken. But this is not the case! It looks exactly the way it should. Sandberg Blast Mouse is one of the first products in the new EsportsEquipment series from Sandberg. The series features superlative gaming products at affordable prices. Blast...

Sandberg 640-01 Sandberg 640-02 Sandberg 640-03

I thought that all computer equipment had to be as compact and lightweight as possible and without any wires. But then a heavyweight keyboard landed on my desk with a fighting weight of over 1 kg and a 2 metre long cable. This keyboard is not intended for ordinary consumers. It is intended for...

Sandberg 480-00 Sandberg 480-01 Sandberg 480-02 Sandberg 480-03 Sandberg 480-04

For those who simply must have the best, most beautiful and elegant design, there is now good news concerning charging cables for mobile phones. Sandberg is launching Sandberg Excellence cables: The finest raw materials The best processing The most inviting feel...

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