Cables for micro-connectors


%n%Portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and camcorders are getting smaller and smaller. And so are the connectors. So what do you do when you want to connect them to a flat-screen TV or laptop for example? Sandberg has the solution.

USB Micro B is a common standard that is found in more and more mobile phones of all makes. PDAs and satnavs have also adopted the standard. With Sandberg's new cable you can now connect your mobile phone and computer together directly. This means a faster and more secure data transfer than with a wireless connection. It will also, as a rule, allow you to charge the mobile device whilst you transfer data, update contacts, etc.

The HDMI Mini port is appearing in more and more digital cameras and digital camcorders. With the right cable you can connect directly to a big flat-screen TV in your lounge and show films and images directly from the camera on the big screen with fantastic picture quality.

The new micro-connector cables are designed both for people who've never had such a cable and for those who lost the original cable that accompanied their device.

Sandberg already offers a selection of cables for special mini-standards:
USB Mini B 5 pin
USB Mini A 4 pin

Remember: Sandberg cables are of the absolute best quality and come with a lifetime warranty. You can find further information and your nearest dealer on the website:
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