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Press release:

A Lightning cable is probably one of the most commonly used accessories for a user of Apple's mobile devices. 

You may think that a charging cable is simply a charging cable. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Sandberg is now launching a completely new type of Lightning cable on the market, which is something out of the ordinary. It is a new newcomer in the "Sandberg Excellence" series.

The cable has a LED light, which displays a red or green colour to indicate whether charging is in progress or is completed. This makes it easy to see the charging status, even if the device is turned off.

It’s not new that the Lightning connector works no matter how you turn it. But it is a new feature that the connector at the other end, the USB A connector, can also be turned any way you wish. This is now possible with the new cable from Sandberg.

The cable is produced in strong and durable materials, with a fabric-coated cable and moulded plugs, to ensure great stability and durability.

The new Lightning cable will soon be in the shops.

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