High-performance gaming headset at a strong price


%n%The Sandberg GameSet is a seriously powerful headset specially designed for people who love gaming and who may also want to spare others in the vicinity the violent sound effects that are part and parcel of gaming. Or who may just want to be able to let rip with the volume. Extra features make it an excellent choice, and the price is really keen too.

The Sandberg GameSet has a two-way speaker system for each ear which, together with the integrated two-way amplifier, puts extra focus on the bass in addition to creating fantastic sound reproduction in the other frequency ranges.

The GameSet also has vibration units which make the headset vibrate during particularly intense sequences. This adds a completely new dimension to many games, allowing you to get a better idea of what it's like to stand in the middle of a battlefield or sit in the cockpit of a jet fighter with the engines at full throttle.

The Sandberg GameSet comes complete with a control unit from where you can control both the volume and the vibration effect. A high-quality condenser microphone lets you talk to the other players you are competing against. And it will probably pick up everything that goes on.

Sandberg has put a lot of emphasis on quality and come up with a design that radiates power and elegance at the same time. The Sandberg GameSet is a top-quality product that comes with a five-year warranty. Despite this, the price is low enough to keep it within everyone's price range.

For more information on the Sandberg GameSet, other Sandberg products and to find your nearest dealer, go to www.sandberg.it.

Press contact: Product Manager Anders Petersen, direct phone: +45 4822 2285, e-mail: anders@sandberg.it

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