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Sandberg has launched its new USB WiFi adapter, the "Sandberg Mini WiFi Dongle", whose name describes its function perfectly. We've never seen such a compact adapter before!

The Mini WiFi Dongle really is tiny. When you consider that it holds a wireless network card with 802.11n support as well as an aerial which has a range of up to 300 metres in open terrain, it's quite impressive that the Mini WiFi Dongle is as small as this.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, describes the unusual WLAN adapter: "We've had a lot of success with small gadgets, like our really tiny Bluetooth adapter, for one. Now it's the network's turn to be shrunk. There are lots of computers out there which were not equipped with wireless networking from the factory. There are also many laptops whose internal network card has stopped working. For people with this sort of problem there is now an incredibly smart solution on the market."

Martin Hollerup continues: "One of the ideas behind teeny-weeny devices like the WiFi Dongle is that you can leave them in the computer all the time. Even in a laptop that's kept in a carry case. In the vast majority of cases you can simply leave the Mini WiFi Dongle in place. The overall effect will be of the computer having an integrated wireless network."

Sandberg has had to reduce the speed slightly, as the compact size simply doesn't allow for the full rate of 300 Mbit/s that you would get from a full-size 802.11n adapter. Martin Hollerup explains: "For 99% of the users, it really makes no odds whether the wireless network is running at 150 Mbit/s or 300 Mbit/s. Most people only use the wireless network to share an internet connection which is generally 20 times slower anyway. We have chosen to emphasise user-friendliness, quality and range and last not but least the unusually compact size."

You'd expect advanced technology that's so small to be very expensive. Yet Sandberg has decided to price the dongle very competitively. And what's more the price includes a five-year warranty, an easy-to-follow user guide and a free hotline service.

The Sandberg Mini WiFi Dongle is already on sale in many shops. For more information go to, where you can also find your nearest dealer or buy the adapter there and then.

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