Dobrodošli u Sandberg press centar. Materijali koji su na raspolaganju se sastoje od saopštenja za medije, biltena i fotografija. Najčešće, saopštenja za medije su dostupna samo na engleskom jeziku.

Ovde ćete pronaći najnovije biltene od Sandberga. Ovde ćete pronaći čak i biltene koji još nisu odaslani. Najnoviji se nalaze na vrhu spiska. Bilteni su na engleskom jeziku.

Sandberg 420-20

Sandberg PowerBank 12000 is not just a nice portable battery with a sleek finish. There are powerful forces inside: 12000 mAh - enough to recharge an iPhone 6, for example, from 0 to 100% more than 6 times. Double output, so you can charge two devices at once....

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Sandberg 520-26

If you are serious about playing, then you will be interested in this mousepad that gives you an edge in gaming: Large surface area Increased precision Non-slip underside

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Now Sandberg is putting 24 languages on all products. We have been working on the project since mid-2014, and so far well over half of all Sandberg products are now delivered with text in 24 languages. See if your language is included: Arabic Bulgarian Danish English Finnish French...

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Sandberg 125-97 Sandberg 125-98 Sandberg 420-21 Sandberg 420-16 Sandberg 420-15 Sandberg 405-37 Sandberg 403-86 Sandberg 402-57 Sandberg 404-23

Sandberg has the gadgets you need for when you are exercising or out for a walk. Whether you want great sound in your ears, extra battery for your portable devices or smart mobile holders, you will find it at Sandberg. Visit our website where you can view the entire...

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Sandberg 133-81

With the Bluetooth dongle from Sandberg, you can quickly and easily get Bluetooth on your computer. Transfer data and pictures wirelessly. Synchronize your smartphone wirelessly (not all smartphones support Bluetooth synchronisation). Use wireless Bluetooth headsets and...

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Sandberg 133-79 Sandberg 133-80

The Multi Hard Disk Link is a real problem solver. You just attach the USB connector to your computer and if necessary the plug socket. Now various connectors are available that you can attach to different hard drives.  IDE, SATA I and SATA II 2.5", 3.5" and...

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Sandberg 420-19

Sandberg Power Bank 6000 does not have just one output like other portable batteries. No, it has two USB connectors for mobile phones, digital cameras etc. One of them is even powerful enough for tablets like the iPad. If you always have a charged PowerBank 6000 with you, you will never run...

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Sandberg 440-86 Sandberg 440-84 Sandberg 440-85

It's annoying that you have to have such a long cable between phone and computer, when they are right next to each other. It's annoying having the charging cable in your bag or pocket where it gets all tangled up. But it has to be used for the powerbank. It's...

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Sandberg 450-07

With the strong suction cup you can quickly stick the Sandberg Shower Bluetooth Speaker in the shower. It's fast and easy to pair it with your mobile phone or music player and then you're ready to listen to music in the shower. You can change the track and raise or lower the...

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Sandberg 440-87

Jansson's home is not so different from so many others: Father, mother, two children and perpetual arguing over who owns which chargers and which ones are now powerful enough for iPads and what is to be prioritised for the smaller devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras....

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Molimo vas da slobodno koristite sva saopštenja za medije za svrhe vezane za medije. Nije dopuštena nikakva druga komercijalna ili nekomercijalna upotreba bilo kakvog pisanog materijala bez izričitog dopuštenja kompanije Sandberg A/S. Sva prava za sve pisane materijale objavljene ovde u press centru zadržava Sandberg A/S.