Direct iMac®/Macbook® for TV cable

Since 2008, Apple has added a Mini DP connector to its MacBook®, iMac®, Mac Pro® and Xserve® machines. In some cases the connector is also called Thunderbolt. Some laptops from Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP and Dell have also a Mini DP connector.

Sandberg has made ​​3 lengths of cables that go directly from this output into the HDMI connector on a flat screen TV, for example. This way, you avoid adapters and can directly view the device's screenshots and of course all media content on the screen.

Sandberg cables carry not only video and pictures of the highest quality (up to 2560x1600), they also transmit sound. Thanks to the digital connection the screen and computer communicate with each other, so all you have to do is plug the cable in. The settings are automatic.

If you'd rather use your existing HDMI cable, we also have an adapter which converts Mini DP to HDMI with high quality audio and video. See the column on the right.

Artikl br.: 508-71
3,189.00 RSD
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Artikl br.: 508-72
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Artikl br.: 508-73
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