Dobrodošli u Sandberg press centar. Materijali koji su na raspolaganju se sastoje od saopštenja za medije, biltena i fotografija. Najčešće, saopštenja za medije su dostupna samo na engleskom jeziku.

Ovde ćete pronaći najnovije biltene od Sandberga. Ovde ćete pronaći čak i biltene koji još nisu odaslani. Najnoviji se nalaze na vrhu spiska. Bilteni su na engleskom jeziku.

Sandberg 480-11

We let "Xtreme Systems" test Sandberg Excellence Earphones. This is what they wrote: "The Sandberg Excellence Earphones are fantastic and wipe the floor with many of their competitors that cost several times their price. They're well designed, well built and have the performance to...

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Sandberg 631-20 Sandberg 631-21

Here is the complete solution with wireless keyboard and wireless mouse for the modern office. The set comprises an ergonomic optical mouse with 5 buttons and high resolution, plus an effective low noise keyboard. All you need is one available USB plug for the very small USB dongle....

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Sandberg 420-30

If you enjoy being outdoors, but also want to have plenty of power for your mobile phone, then we have just the thing for you: Sandberg Outdoor Solar Powerbank 8000. The Powerbank can be recharged at home and holds an impressive 8000 mAh. Each time the Powerbank is exposed to sunlight,...

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We have been very excited for a long time to show you our brand new website. NOW it is finally here! A brand new design on a new and faster platform It looks great on all devices, from mobile phones to Smart-TV With more information about each product Over 120...

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Sandberg 480-09

Have you also noticed? HDMI is now available in different sizes and shapes: One size for TV, another size for laptops and a third size for digital cameras. And then there’s all the different numbers. It can quickly become confusing. That’s why we have developed an exclusive package with a...

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Sandberg 405-58 Sandberg 402-91 Sandberg 405-56 Sandberg 405-57

When you are driving, your hands should be on the steering wheel - not on your mobile phone.  Sandberg can help you with that. We offer a wide range of mobile phone holders that fit virtually any smartphone.  Adjustable frame or magnet? Holders with a magnet are easier and faster...

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Sandberg 136-09 Sandberg 136-05 Sandberg 136-06 Sandberg 136-07 Sandberg 136-03 Sandberg 136-04 Sandberg 136-10 Sandberg 136-00 Sandberg 136-01 Sandberg 136-02

About the new USB standard USB Type-C is not just the next USB in line — and that's why it wasn't called USB 4. USB Type-C - or just USB-C - can do everything the USB 3.0 can, but at twice the speed, i.e. up to 10 Gbps. But it can also do much more than that. For example, Type-C can...

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Sandberg 520-29 Sandberg 520-26 Sandberg 520-27

There are three different mouse pads in Sandberg's EsportsEquipment range so that you can find the right one for your style of play: For small movements and great precision: The hard aluminium surface is coated with a precision...

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Sandberg 420-27

Here is the backup battery for your mobile that can withstand anything and everything! Waterproof - not just rainproof, but also survives a trip to the bottom of the bathtub Dustproof - nothing penetrates the battery, the electronics or the connectors...

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Sandberg 440-96 Sandberg 440-75 Sandberg 440-94 Sandberg 440-95

How about a mobile cable that is a little smarter than the normal ones? MicroUSB upside down MicroUSB Reversible is the smart cable that cannot be turned the wrong way. Both the large USB connector in one end and the MicroUSB connector (which fits most smartphones except for Apple) at the...

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Molimo vas da slobodno koristite sva saopštenja za medije za svrhe vezane za medije. Nije dopuštena nikakva druga komercijalna ili nekomercijalna upotreba bilo kakvog pisanog materijala bez izričitog dopuštenja kompanije Sandberg A/S. Sva prava za sve pisane materijale objavljene ovde u press centru zadržava Sandberg A/S.