Dobrodošli u Sandberg press centar. Materijali koji su na raspolaganju se sastoje od saopštenja za medije, biltena i fotografija. Najčešće, saopštenja za medije su dostupna samo na engleskom jeziku.

Ovde ćete pronaći najnovije biltene od Sandberga. Ovde ćete pronaći čak i biltene koji još nisu odaslani. Najnoviji se nalaze na vrhu spiska. Bilteni su na engleskom jeziku.


Sandberg USB Wired Numeric Keypad je ono što je potrebno svim laptopima – najbrži način za kucanje brojeva. Samo umetnite tastaturu na USB port na računaru i to će biti spreman za upotrebu odmah. Tastature napaja se iz kompjutera, pa ne morate da brinete o promeni baterije i da treba...

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Three specialised chargers for your car’s 12V plug make it easy to charge your mobile devices - including those with more special charging needs. The QC charger provides full charge speed on QC3.0-compatible devices, so for example QC...

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Sandberg 520-29 Sandberg 520-31 Sandberg 520-32 Sandberg 520-26 Sandberg 520-27 Sandberg 520-34

Do you have a gaming mouse? Then you also need a mouse pad to match. A gaming mouse without a gaming mouse pad is like a fish without water. Like a car without a road. Like a CS clan without members. We can't have that. The mouse pads from Sandberg EsportsEquipment have super high...

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Sandberg 520-34

This enormous mouse pad has room for both the keyboard and mouse. If you connect it to the USB power, you can frame the whole pad in LED lights that change colour. The pad ensures a high level of precision in the games and has a non-slip underside. It is very high quality and gives you ample...

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Sandberg 520-36 Sandberg 520-35

When you work with a mouse or a keyboard, your wrists should be supported to reduce the strain on the joints. These wide wrist supports, which are over 70 cm in length, are sufficient for both the mouse and keyboard. Memory foam in the supports ensures that they will be just the right fit for...

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Sandberg 420-46

Sandberg Solar 4-Panel Powerbank 12000 is a combination of a high-capacity 12000 mAh powerbank and a foldaway solar panel, for fast, efficient recharging in sunlight. Hang it on your rucksack while hiking for example. You can always be sure to have power for your mobile devices, regardless of...

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Sandberg 126-06

Sandberg Bluetooth Office Headset Pro is a Bluetooth headset with comfortable headband. Connects wirelessly to your smartphone or other Bluetooth device, leaving your hands free to use the keyboard or walk around. High quality loudspeakers and microphone for crystal clear communication both...

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Sandberg 640-92 Sandberg 640-93

Sandberg Fighter Gaming Desk 2 is the ultimate upgrade to your gaming setup. With a width of 1.20 metre, the table is perfectly measured to ensure enough space for your gaming equipment without giving up on your freedom to move around while playing games! At the same time, it is compact enough...

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Sandberg 133-66

%n%It is so compact and lightweight that you can take it with you wherever you go. And it doesn't even require a power socket – two USB ports are enough. Once you have connected a Sandberg USB Mini DVD Burner, you can both read and write CDs and DVDs at high speed: All discs can be read...

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Sandberg Guide is an online application that makes it easy to find out how to connect two devices to each other. Perhaps you find yourself with a new monitor and an old computer that don't seem compatible. - Or you feel like looking...

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Molimo vas da slobodno koristite sva saopštenja za medije za svrhe vezane za medije. Nije dopuštena nikakva druga komercijalna ili nekomercijalna upotreba bilo kakvog pisanog materijala bez izričitog dopuštenja kompanije Sandberg A/S. Sva prava za sve pisane materijale objavljene ovde u press centru zadržava Sandberg A/S.