Gamer Desk Pad XXXL Sandberg
Gamer Desk Pad XXXL
Pris SEK 339.00
Riktpris ekskl. Moms:   SEK 271.20

Varunr: 520-27
EAN: 5705730520273

Det generösa utrymmet på denna musmatta för spelare ger en förstklassig spelprecision. Musmattan håller sig på plats även under de mest intensiva spelstunderna tack vare anti-glidmaterialet på undersidan.

Gigantic surface 90x45 cm.
Fits for mouse and keyboard.

Komputer for Alle says:

»A genuinely good item. The borders are sewed not glued, ensuring a greater durability for more years to come. Score: 10/10.«

TechiSize says:

»The Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is a great product. Quality and finish are very good, the edging strip is a massive plus, ensuring the product will last longer than those, without one.«

GadgetGear says:

»To gamers with a need for a special mouse pad, the Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is just perfect, as it always remains in place despite of rapid mouse movements.«

ReviewsInsider says:

»Perfect in game precision. Definitely the best mouse mat I have ever used.« says:

»Provides great precision on the mouse pointer and the thick design makes it soft and nice. You can't live without it, once you have got used to it.«

By The Way says:

»Simply a very beautiful pad at an unbeatable price.«



Produkt Paket
Höjd 45 cm 57 cm
Bredd 90 cm 10 cm
Djup 0.4 cm 10 cm
Vikt 791 g 860 g